I’d rather have a Rainy Day than a Blah Day

600px-Sleeping_cat_on_her_back-560x560Today was definitely one of my blah days. Ya know, the type of day where nothing exceptional happens.  The day just feels like a blank stare. No emotion. No high. No low.  My energy is just coasting along in the average zone. And I do not feel like doing much. I just feel like BLAH. The only thing that I want to do is sit on the couch with a cup of tea, a warm blanket, in dim light, and listen to silence. But, silence never happens in this house until the kids are asleep.

On the bright side (which is always the best side) I am thankful it was not a bad day.  I was able to wash and braid both of my girl’s thick curly hair and withstand the overwhelming amount of tears and screams of terror they both gave me.  I used to cry whenever I combed Dinah’s hair because she has always acted like it is some form of cruel and unusual punishment. Since she does not talk, I never know if I really am hurting her. I have to be very very gentle while I comb her hair, and she still screams bloody murder. It seems that Kaylin has taken after her big sister in that regard.  I am grateful that I was able to get through it with a dry face today. Also, the neighbors didn’t call the police.

I went and got my eyebrows waxed (whispering…..and my upper lip). I didn’t even flinch (and I usually do).  That’s a true blah day.

I like rainy days though. Rainy days are so relaxing.  I love the smell of a rainy day. I love the soothing sounds. I smile a lot on rainy days. Occasionally, I get to see a beautiful rainbow.

Not much comes of blah days besides a list of things that I should of done, but didn’t.

Most people view Mondays as a blah day.  But, since I work every weekend (Saturday and Sunday), it seems that Friday (which is most people’s fun day) is often my day to shake my fist at the world.

So, blah, blah, blah world!!

Tomorrow will be better.

I accept this day, this moment, for what it is. I am still grateful.

I have learned from experience that blah days are usually just a comma (or maybe a semicolon) before a day of destiny.  Maybe it is my mind preparing itself for the great things it senses are to come?

Never underestimate the mind. It is much smarter than we are ;-)

All is well.


© Kelley Daniel, http://www.missingmarkers.wordpress.com, 2014 .


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