In the Now

I absolutely love what “The Positive Cognition” has written about living in the moment. Everything below that is in the quotation marks are her words. There is a link at the end to go directly to her blog post.


“I decided recently that I would like to share my writing with people. Having struggled in the past few years with my mental health and various issues, I thought by sharing here, that maybe it would help me and some where down the line help others.

So, my plan is to write daily, on regular issues that I come across, and focus on positive ways to address them.  Starting with Now. What are the benefits of focusing on the present?

The Now

Sometimes, getting up and facing the day can be a struggle all on its own, so when something excessively unusual comes and disturbs our path it can shake us. The main focus is to no get so caught up in it that our original path becomes lost to us. (Easier said than done, it takes practise, but it is achievable! ) When a situation comes and knocks you off balance, stop and take a breath.  It’s okay to be angry, upset and shout. But let that pass over you, take a breath and stop.

Take time to look at the situation, digest it however, don’t let it consume you. Unaddressed issues can eat away at our energy.  Replaying incidents over in your mind lead to stress and often anxiety. If you feel someone has hurt you, forgive them. If it is a case of no particular person being involved and just a crappy situation, forgive life.  Forgiving is not easy, keep in mind, forgiving someone else, is beneficial for you too. Life can be unfair. It can also be very very rewarding. That is where the NOW comes into play.

STOP! Do nothing..

I know it sounds crazy, but give yourself some time to do nothing. That’s it, put the phone on silent, turn off the television, put away the iPad.  So often, we get caught up in distracting ourselves from a bad situation or relationship that we repress our emotions.

While doing “nothing” you’re in the now. Close your eyes and listen to your breathing (if you’re feeling anxious, breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 3 seconds, release for 7 seconds and repeat, until you feel your body relaxing.)  Become aware of where you are, your surroundings. The strength to move on from the past is with in you. It is outside you. It is this very moment that you are reading this blog. It is Now.


By clearing your mind in the present moment, it allows for conscious decision making for your future.  Give yourself the best chance to help yourself! Do not afford only compassion, kindness and love for others, but start to afford it to yourself. Your own happiness is important. Treat it so.

“The difference between misery and happiness depends on what we do with our attention.”
~ Sharon Salzberg

I have to say I agree with the sentiment above, however, I’d alter it slightly. “The difference between misery and happiness depends on the intention of our actions”.  We have to ask ourselves, are our actions,  steps towards fulfilling our own needs, bringing about our own happiness?  I’m talking about emotional happiness, not material.

I am an advocate myself for meditation and various holistic therapies (you name it, I’ve tried it). I hope to write about some of my experiences in the future, but for now, I would like to end my first post with a little positive encouragement.  (And some links to other articles that you may find helpful.)

When times get tough, take time to process the situation. Analyse it. Forgive those involved, forgive life. Do not regret your decisions. Try not to focus on the past. Take steps to making positive plans for the future. Make those plans, steps towards your own happiness.”

-The Positive Cognition

Click the link to go directly to her blog post.

In the Now.


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