Purpose Road

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” -Robert Bryne


I sat down at my laptop today as soon as I put Dinah on her school bus.

I sat. I waited.

Waiting for a topic, any topic, to come to me that I could write about.

I sat and I waited some more.

Then I just decided to write.

And this is what came out of me:

I have spent my entire life waiting for some flag from the universe. A loud or even soft voice to speak back to me when I am praying.  A directional word from someone else.  Some big marker floating through the sky that says “do __________ with your life.”

I waited.

I was always the screaming independent yet highly co-dependent type.  Bold enough to venture to the crest of the ocean, but too timid to go into the water alone.

I waited.

I always needed confirmation from others that I was on the right track. Running backwards often to get a nod of approval from them.

Going backwards is often worse than waiting.

You see, we were all created with purpose.  Yet our purpose is not a tangible item that is handed to us with our birth certificate when we are born.  Its not written on our high school diploma either.

I believe that our purpose is discovered while we are busy living purposefully.

This simply means that I cannot sit and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and expect my purpose to fall from the sky (although stranger things have happened). I have to live, and give, and do, and go, and be, and see, and love, and rise above to discover what my purpose of living, giving, doing, going, seeing, loving, and rising above is.

I believe that this is why God is always so silent when I ask about my purpose.  Wise parents know that sometimes it is better to let their child discover answers on their own.  Especially when the answer is lying right there.

So, I am not waiting anymore.

I am seizing the moment to live purposely…… in THIS moment.

And I am happy to report that my purpose is materializing piece by piece right before my bewildered eyes.

Yeah, I’m kind of amazed at how this is all playing out.

Live, give, do, go, be, see, love, and rise above today!

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” -Robert Bryne


© Kelley Daniel, http://www.missingmarkers.com, 2014


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