A Quick Blurb about Marci Shimoff’s book “Happy for No Reason” –by Kelley


Happiness for any reason is just another form of misery”- The Upanishads

They say that the pursuit of happiness is the underlying drive of everything we do.  When we pick up even the tiniest scent of happiness, we immediately chase wildly after it. When we find it, we relish it. We indulge in it. We feel it.

Feeling happy is a grand experience.

But, feeling happy and being happy are two different things.

I realized this one day when I noticed that if I was not around my family (who bring me happiness) or doing some fun or exhilarating activity (that generates happiness), I was utterly sad. When I was alone and just doing nothing my true inner feelings bubbled to the surface.

I was not happy inside at all.

This was the beginning of my happiness journey (my most recent one at least).

  • I prayed about happiness daily.
  • I started journal writing daily.
  • I started devouring any book on happiness and positivity I could find. I read several within a months’ time.

And then I found Happy for No Reason, 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out by Marci Shimoff.

This book absolutely changed my life. I am so grateful that I bumped into it during one of my half-sleep Amazon searches (hey, Amazon Prime is an addictive force).

According to Marci Shimoff (2008), being happy for no reason is “a neurophysiological state of peace and well-being that isn’t dependent on external circumstances.” And “when you are Happy for No Reason, you bring happiness to your outer experiences rather than trying to extract happiness from them.”

Marci’s book does an amazing job of explaining how searching for happiness is okay, but learning how to resonate happiness from within will bring you peace, joy, and harmony.

On her website (http://www.happyfornoreason.com/Products/HappyBook),  she states that

      “Studies show that each of us has a “happiness set-point” — a fixed range of happiness we tend to return to throughout our life — that’s approximately 50 percent genetic and 50 percent learned. In the same way you’d crank up the thermostat to get comfortable on a chilly day, you can actually raise your happiness set-point! The holistic 7-step program at the heart of Happy for No Reason encompasses Happiness Habits for all areas of life: personal power, mind, heart, body, soul, purpose, and relationships.”

Here is a video that she posted that is very very helpful in understanding the happy for no reason concept:

I hope you are able to derive as much meaning and happiness from this book as I have. I recommend it to anyone who has ever felt like something is just missing.

For anyone who has already read this book, please comment with your thoughts. I’d love to hear your story.


 © Kelley Daniel, http://www.missingmarkers.com, 2014


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